How To Resume Windows 10 Upgrade

             Windows 10 is out there for downloading using windows media creation tool. But for people with slow internet connection downloading windows 10 is a very difficult time, internet & money consuming work. Most of the time downloading error due to network failure will cause the update to fail, showing you that your windows 10 upgrade failed. So...

                 How to resume windows 10 download ??

Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool doesn't have a button or feature to Resume windows 10 download and update. To resume windows 10 update follow these steps:

  1. Start downloading the update files from media creation tool
  2. Hibernate the PC.
  3. Resume the windows and enjoy.

                                             Now you can resume windows 10 upgrade by hibernating your computer. Windows upgrade and all the windows that you opened will be there. Hope now you can upgrade to windows 10 on your PC without any problem. You should be able to Pause and resume windows 10 upgrade now.

Please come back and share your experience in comments.
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  1. WOW!IT WORKS!!ItWORKS!! yeah i was struggling to download the upgrade here in india on a slow network and it worked. Now i can also sleep calmly, don't have to snoop on download.


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