CES Insight: LG’s Levitating Speaker floats in air

LG speaker floating in air will be released in CES 2017
As the New Year 2017 is arriving the wait for CES 2017 (consumer Electronics Show 2017) is ending, and the Electronic companies started teasing the consumers with some Sneak Peaks of their upcoming product launches in CES 2017.

The latest of them is LG’s unique levitating speaker which floats in the air and looks straight out from future(...cool han). The speaker floats in air and comes with a battery life of 10 hours.
The LG levitating feature is a Bluetooth speaker which floats in the air.
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How does LG speaker floats in the air?

You may be wondering wow it’s so cool but how does it levitate? 

No, the LG speaker doesn’t use witchcraft or black magic nor it uses rocket propulsion. The LG levitating speaker floats in air using electromagnets which provide enough push to balance gravity and hence appears to float in the air.
LG Bluetooth speaker floating in air using electromagnetism at CES

LG Floating Speaker Specifications

The speaker comes in two units one is the floating unit and the other is a base unit which provides control options.
The LG omnidirectional speaker sports Dual Passive Radiator technology which gives crisp high tones. The speaker connects using Bluetooth.
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The base unit provides the Bass and acts as a sub-woofer.
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The speaker comes with a battery life of 10 hours and when the battery becomes low the floating speaker smoothly lands on the base unit which doubles up as the charger.

The LG floating Bluetooth speaker can still play music while charging.

LG hasn’t released any pricing information, but it will be showing the levitating speakers at CES, upping the cool quotient.
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