Super Mario Run Breaks iOS downloads records | Nintendo

Super Mario Run Breaks iOS downloads records surpassed Pokemon GO

Super Mario Run was downloaded more than 40 million times in four days of its launch on Apple iOS App store as said by Apple and Nintendo officials, despite getting the poor rating.

The old Nintendo NES classic game has topped the "Top Free" charts in more than 140 countries since it's launch on 15th December 2016. The Super Mario Run launch saw many gamers of all ages to flock to the game.The Mario video game run reminded many users of their NES classic childhood days.
Super Mario Run Nintendo NES classic video game

An average of 10 million daily downloads in the immediate aftermath of the game being made available last week has officially made Super Mario Run the fastest-downloaded app in Apple’s history, surpassing the previous record of Pokemon GO.

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Why Super Mario Run Receives Poor Rating?

Super Mario Run required users to connect to the internet via Wi-fi or Mobile data to play the game also it's not free to play after certain level users haver to pay 9.99$ to play the game further. This caused the users to give Nintendo Super Mario Run a poor 2.5-star rating.

Play Super Mario Run for free

Due to increasing criticism from users Super Mario Run developers are contacting users via a survey asking them for possible monetization of the video game. Video game developers are thinking to make the game free by serving ads or by requiring energy to play the game which will be recharged after sometimes allowing players to pay and get it instantly.


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