Linking Aadhaar to PAN is necessary

Yes it is....
Linking aadhaar with the PAN is necessary now.

Permanent Account Number or PAN card is an essential document required by banks and various financial institutions to carry out various finacial transactions.

While Aadhar card id is a unique 12- digit number issued by the UIDAI, containing various biometric info like fingerprints, iris scans etc,

The Govt. of India made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN upto 31st August 2017 to be able to file Income Tax Return ITR.

govt refused to push the last date forward.

Fortunately its very easy taking merely 30 seconds.

Required Documents:Aadhaar no or cardPAN or PAN card  So get ready with your documents and open this link to learn how to link aadhaar to PAN.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 | price, specs & features

After the successful launch of Redmi note 3 successor Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi is going to repeat the success of Redmi 3s and redmi 3s prime with the release of new Xiaomi Redmi 4. Redmi 4 will be launched this May 16.

The announcement... Xiaomi India VP and Managing Director, Manu Kumar Jain tweeted "Announcing the launch of a new Redmi phone! This will be the 2nd BIG announcement of the month. Coming soon. Stay tuned #PowerInYourHand.
Xiaomi will launch the Redmi 4 this may at its tech event.
The new launch Remi 4 is actually Redmi X released the last November in China. Redmi 4 will be the mix of redmi 3s prime and redmi note 3.
Tech Specs ...
Redmi 4 got the best specifications in under Rs 10000 range. Redmi 4 features a 5-inch HD display with a 2.5 d curved glass having a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
The phone looks same as redmi 3s prime with all-metal unibody and features a fingerprint scanner, rear camera, flash and speaker grill on the back side.
The latest redmi 4 …

Nokia 8 is fake | features & specifications

Nokia recently released Nokia 6 in China and a similar device named Nokia 8 surfaced around the web. Initially many biggies like Forbes and GsmArena showed the allegedly Latest Nokia phone, Nokia 8 having flagship features, GsmArena even gave detailed specifications.
 But it came out that the phone was fake and was a device by Qualcomm used to show its latest SoC Snapdragon 835.

Nokia 8 specifications
Nokia 8 as reported by the big and ‘reliable’ sources of information is a 5.7-inch smartphone.

The Nokia 8 mobile features Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and comes with 6 GB of RAM.
Nokia 8 was rumored to be having Adreno 530 GPU for gaming and graphical performance.

The phone is rumored to have 128 GB of internal memory. Nokia 8 is said to be having QHD AMOLED display with 2560x1440 pixel resolution.

Along with the screen, the Nokia 8 sported dual-speaker setup.

The phone is also tipped to be having Car Zeiss lens and a 24-megapixel camera with dual tone flash.
As told the phone is going to ha…

Opera Neon Web Browser | Latest Features & specs

Opera Neon is the latest web browser by Opera Software, providing a unique User Interface (UI) to the users. It's opera's habit to come with something new like Opera mini, Opera ad block, Opera VPN and this time it's Opera Neon, an internet browser to which Opera calls “radical re-imagining of what a browser can be,”.

The browser was launched on January 12.Neon Browser comes with an innovative UI Neon Browser supports tabbed browsing.Comes with some more features like ‘snap’, ‘pop-out player'Read:Firefox browser ending support

Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 launching at CES 2017

Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 launching at CES 2017
The San-Diago, America based chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm has announced a great news for hardware and smartphone fans. Qualcomm declared that it is going to reveal their latest flagship mobile chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017).
                 Qualcomm gave some sneak peak of its latest snapdragon 835 chipset. It revealed some of its features.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 specifications

CES Insight: LG’s Levitating Speaker floats in air

As the New Year 2017 is arriving the wait for CES 2017 (consumer Electronics Show 2017) is ending, and the Electronic companies started teasing the consumers with some Sneak Peaks of their upcoming product launches in CES 2017.

How They Fooled Facebook In Bangkok

Yes, you read it correctly, people in Bangkok, Thailand fooled the Facebook, the Social Media Platform into sending Safety Check over a bomb explosion in Bangkok, Thailand citing a “media Report”.

The safety check came on at around 9:00 pm in local time, gave the option to those present in the so-called explosion affected area in Bangkok to mark themselves “safe”. Besides this facebook safety check also gave them the option to view friends who had also done the same.