Nokia 8 is fake | features & specifications

Nokia 8 showing back camera
Nokia 8 24-mp camera with dual flash
Nokia recently released Nokia 6 in China and a similar device named Nokia 8 surfaced around the web. Initially many biggies like Forbes and GsmArena showed the allegedly Latest Nokia phone, Nokia 8 having flagship features, GsmArena even gave detailed specifications.
 But it came out that the phone was fake and was a device by Qualcomm used to show its latest SoC Snapdragon 835.

Nokia 8 specifications

Nokia 8 as reported by the big and ‘reliable’ sources of information is a 5.7-inch smartphone.

The Nokia 8 mobile features Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and comes with 6 GB of RAM.
Nokia 8 was rumored to be having Adreno 530 GPU for gaming and graphical performance.

The phone is rumored to have 128 GB of internal memory. Nokia 8 is said to be having QHD AMOLED display with 2560x1440 pixel resolution.

Along with the screen, the Nokia 8 sported dual-speaker setup.

The phone is also tipped to be having Car Zeiss lens and a 24-megapixel camera with dual tone flash.
As told the phone is going to have EIS 3.0 (Electonic Image Stabilisation) and OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation)
If one phone is not enough then Nokia 8 is coming in two editions other having Snapdragon 821 Soc and 4 GB of RAM.
Moreover to that the Nokia 8 rumored to be having a glowing logo and that too before any Apple iPhone.

Why Nokia 8 is fake

The new Nokia phone is fake because the mobile used in pictures on the internet have a Qualcomm logo which Qualcomm used to showcase its new snapdragon 835.
Nokia 8 showing the qualcomm logo is a qualcomm device to show features
Latest Nokia 8 having Qualcomm logo

The Nokia 8 videos also showed the phone with Qualcomm logo. There is not a slightest of info or tipping about the phone from HMD Global.

Also, the phone didn't seemed to be having a fingerprint sensor an uncommon thing in flagship phones
Seeing this many big names changed their reviews and blog posts.

So until some other reliable info comes about Nokia 8 we will term it as hoax news.


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