Opera Neon Web Browser | Latest Features & specs

Opera Neon is the latest web browser by Opera Software, providing a unique User Interface (UI) to the users. It's opera's habit to come with something new like Opera mini, Opera ad block, Opera VPN and this time it's Opera Neon, an internet browser to which Opera calls “radical re-imagining of what a browser can be,”.

  • The browser was launched on January 12.
  • Neon Browser comes with an innovative UI Neon Browser supports tabbed browsing.
  • Comes with some more features like ‘snap’, ‘pop-out player'

Opera's new browser showing transparent background on mac
Opera Neon browser with unique transparent UI

 Opera Neon presents users with a transparent interface. As you launch the browser a bookmark bar, taskbar and an options menu shows up with the see-through background. The Neon browser approaches a minimalistic web browser experience. It's like showing a glass browser layer on top of the computer screen.

The Neon Browser comes with a multi-screen feature, allowing you to view multiple tab side by side providing multiple tabbing.

The Browser also comes with ‘snap’ feature which captures a snapshot of the web pages. The media control panel of Opera Neon provides an easy way to change volume and playback of videos, music, and ads by providing with volume sliders.

The Neon browser expands to the whole desktop. Large favicon bubbles take the form of traditional browser tabs on the right sidebar, the browser uses windows Aero like transparency effects.
Neon browser showing favicon bubbles on windows
Neon browser uses favicons as multi-tabs

Neon uses Opera’s Blink engine & according to Opera, the blink engine gives the neon browser fast speed and high performance.

In the Neon Browser Video playback happens in a pop-out window, instead of a new window.

Although the Latest Neon browser is not that much good to replace Chrome, IE or Firefox, but is a new concept in general.

The Opera Neon Browser can be downloaded and installed on the Mac and Windows computers.

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