How They Fooled Facebook In Bangkok

Yes, you read it correctly, people in Bangkok, Thailand fooled the Facebook, the Social Media Platform into sending Safety Check over a bomb explosion in Bangkok, Thailand citing a “media Report”.
facebook safety check glitch caused fake explosion

The safety check came on at around 9:00 pm in local time, gave the option to those present in the so-called explosion affected area in Bangkok to mark themselves “safe”. Besides this facebook safety check also gave them the option to view friends who had also done the same.

The fb thus escalated the scenario created a panic situation.
It gave another example how technology like social media can cause mass panic and danger if went haywire.
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This time facebook safety check get fooled when Local Media reported that protesters are throwing ping-pong balls which a Major Bangkok News Agency described as "giant firecrackers" and showed Thailand explosion photographs of 2015.

What is facebook Safety Check?

Facebook Safety Check is an automated tool. It helps people to find and tell their friends, family, and their neighbors if they are safe in an emergency situation like a natural disaster, earthquake, terrorist attack, bomb explosion etc.
hoax explosion screenshot in thailand

How does Facebook Safety Check work?

In an emergency situation, an option automatically shows up allowing users to tell whether they are safe or their loved ones are safe in the affected region.
It was originally created in 2014. In November fb announced that this feature will be triggered by the community, using an algorithm which will trigger it using the trending posts.

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