Microsoft Update takes Down Windows 10 PC Offline | Solution available

A recent broken software update by Microsoft causes many windows 10 and windows 8 computers heavy damage by damaging their internet connectivity and taking them down Offline.

The problem affected users in UK and Europe mainly. Many ISP's confirmed that the update caused users to lose internet connectivity due to the problem with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) clients.

What's the Problem?

The problem is caused by a security update which was coded badly causing the DHCP problem. The PCs cannot automatically pick up their LAN-side IP address, router address and DNS settings from their broadband routers, causing them to drop off the internet and disappear from other devices on their network.

The Fix

The fix is available here at ABOPC's solution to windows limited connectivity problem. . It's a simple two-minute fix. Virtually in 3-steps you will be using the internet like before might be at higher speed.

If you are affected or not...

If you are affected then you won't be able to connect to the internet. The computer will connect to network but won't load websites etc. Windows will be showing limited connectivity. The users can use the internet on other device connected to the network but not on the affected windows 10 computer.

What Others Say

In a message to subscribers on Sunday, Virgin Media advised that some Windows 10 users were experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet after installing the latest update.

"Microsoft are aware and investigating," it said.

Virgin Media in Blighty is the latest provider to confirm the dodgy code is knocking a number of its customers offline. Proximus in Belgium also says a Windows 10 update is breaking network access.


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