How To Check CPU Temperature


To check your CPU temp you need to download any one of this third-Party software: Coretemp, Speccy, SpeedFan as these gives the best result for almost any PC, For more software check This.Now you can check your CPU temperature in just 4 steps.

To check Temperature using Coretemp:
use coretemp to check CPU temp

  1.     Run Coretemp.exe
  2.     You can see your CPU temperature next to core#.
  3.      Core#0 gives temperature of 1st core and Core#1 gives temperature of 2nd Core.
  4.     You can also see Max. & Min. temp reached against each core. 

To check Temperature using Speccy:
use speccy to check CPU temp

  1.     Run Speccy.exe
  2.     Select and Click "CPU" from left-hand side menu
  3.     It will show your CPU specs including Temperature.
  4.     You can see individual core's temp by scrolling down.

To check Temperature using SpeedFan:
use SpeedFan to check CPU temp

  1.      Run SpeedFan
  2.      You can see your CPU temp in the Mid-Right hand side of the application interface.
  3.      Core 0 gives temp of 1st core & Core 1 gives temp of 2nd Core.
  4.      You can also see addn. info like HDD temperature, Fan Speed etc.
Don't hesitate to ask, if you found yourself in a maze!!
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