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          You just got your new laptop or just did a clean installation of Windows or may be wandering on different webpages in order to find some free essential and really productive applications for your PC, if it's the case then you are at the right place.
           We bring to you a list of essential apps for your PC.These are some of the best software for PC Almost every software in the list is open source.

           Don't be disappointed if you are a Macintosh (mac) or Linux user cos many of these apps will work on your platforms also and this list is not about top 10, top 20, top 30, or top 50 software. There is no number 1 or best application in this list.All of these software are equally valuable and essential for your PC.
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Just take a look:

Tiny Wall

        Tinywall is a tiny firewall(roughly 1 MB)which operates from tray. But don't go by its name it's very powerful.It can block network incoming and outgoing traffic easily.It also got an Autolearn mode.This tiny wall also got many more features.


          It's the Best and Fastest Copy client i can guarantee. It is an useful replacement of Windows File copying client.It can Verify, Move & Copy files at very fast speeds, it integrates itself with the context menu so you don't have to switch to tera copy everytime. Also available as a portable version.

Mozilla Firefox

      It's not just a browser it's a powerhouse. It's the most customisable browser.It comes with thousands of extensions or plug-ins.From ad-blocker to tracker finders to offer finders,it sports extension in every spectrum of life.


               Another open source software from Mozilla. It's an e-mail client. Strong spam filter, light-weight, fast, simple and phishing protection are some of it's key features. And it's completely free.

Google Chrome


              Do you really need information? It's the most used Browser, backed by Google, comes with many extensions, easy to use, minimalist interface, fast, comes with data saver and loads better than IE or it's an edge over Edge :).


               The choice of many professional PC experts. Ccleaner is a free one-stop-solution for computer maintenance. The best free software which cleans the Cache, Browsing history, cookies, Temporary files old prefetch data.... in one go.It also cleans and fix registry. Also features a Duplicate file finder.It can start/stop startup items and clear your context menu(right click menu).It can also wipe free space on drives and HDD's.And There are many more features. Also did i mentioned it's just a 5 MB software.


            ImgBurn is a disc burning software.It has just 3.3 MB installer. It is recommended for everyone whether nerd or noob .It's UI is little clumsy but it improved much overtime. You can write/Read movie, music, ISO and many disc formats.


         A small yet strong .txt file editor.It sports tabbed view, automatic saving,auto completing,Macros.Suitable for a programmer to a daily can also use zoom like features and its light on resources too +  it's open source.

Virtual Clone Drive

            VCD is a small but very powerful tool.Remember when last time you downloaded an ISO or UDF game or software and have to write it to a disc to use, well VCD is made to solve this problem.You can play ISO,UDF straightly without writing them to disc anymore.It supports many different types of image files.

Last Pass

                Remembering password of every account is very difficult today; as we sign in hundreds(at least dozens) of accounts, different services online. Last pass as many of you already know is a password manager. It saves your password on cloud which can be accessed by a master-key. Available as a free and premium version.

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VLC media Player

               The most powerful video player available for free.From HD videos to Blu-ray discs it plays all.You can also play music and the best part is it's completely free and open source. A boon for windows 10 users as Microsoft started charging to play videos. It comes with filters and equalisers also it's very easy to use it.


            Keepass is also a password manager.It is open source, free and saves your password on you PC offline.Can be used on Linux, Windows, Mac.Recommended for those people who doesn't want to save their passwords on cloud.
(Also read: keyboard can be hacked)


            Another powerful software from Ccleaner developer Piriform. It provides information about your PC. Remember when last time you went to purchase a game or hardware and the seller asked you about your graphic card or other specs and you answered "well...i don't kno..w".Speccy gives you system specs like CPU usage, temperature,SMART check HDD temp, motherboard info, active services,...installed updates,... etc.


               If you ever wanted to use Photoshop and edit images like a pro but was always barred by it's price, then try GNU Image Manipulation Program(GIMP).It's a free, open source image editor, it's the best free alternative to adobe Photoshop. Although it's learning curve is steep, but if mastered it can do miracles.Many Photoshop users switched to GIMP after Learning it.


               It's a free photo editing software.It's simple UI and features like photo editing, combining, GIF making, printing, splitting are some of it's specializations, definitely deserves a try.

Adobe Acrobat reader

           A staple PDF reader for many of us.It can read PDF files easily. It gives the user many other features like highlighting, different views etc. Although it's a bit heavy on resources.

Sumatra PDF

       An open source PDF and EPUB reader. Small size, minimalistic design, easy-to-use, simple and fast pdf reader. It comes as a portable version so no need to install, can be used from a USB as well.


           It's one of the best file archiver available. It can read over 150 types of archives and can create in many different formats including the highly efficient 7z. It is a free open-source software. One of the best free softwares.


            Ever deleted an important file and cleaned recycle bin, then you are in a big trouble. So here comes Recuva for your's a free software from Piriform,you can recover deleted files from your HDD using it. It's a life saver.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

               It's a hard disk management-cum-repairing software. Using it you can create and delete partitions on your HDD, can rewrite MBR, change partition size and find errors on your hard disk.


            HandBrake is an open source video transcoder. It converts videos from almost every format to modern playable codecs. It's completely free. It can be used on windows, Linux and Mac.

Internet Download Manager

             IDM is a download manager. It supports multi channel downloads, faster downloads, site grabber and can pause and restart PC and resume the download. It's trial is free, buying a lifetime version is recommended as it is inexpensive when considered for long term use as it saves lots of bandwidth.


        Openoffice is a free open source office suit. It's a free alternative to Microsoft Office.It can replace the complete MS office suit.You can save lots of money by using it in place of MS office.


             utorrent is a torrent client, from where you can download various torrent.It is ad-supported and available for free.But be aware when downloading torrent that they may contain viruses, malwares and illegal softwares.


            Deluge is a torrent client.It is a good alternative of utorrent as it's ad-free,open-source and free and it is multi-platform:Linux,windows,mac. Beware downloading torrent files is very risky.


              With an app like Pidgin, you can sign into multiple accounts at once (like Google Talk, AIM, and Facebook Chat), carry on multiple conversations in one window. It worth at try.

                So it's ABOPC's compilation of best essential softwares for your PC.BTW the most essential software in your computer is the antivirus so install it first. You may have had already installed many of the softwares as they are small, open source and free.

 You can also share the apps you want, to be in list below in comments. 

DISCLAIMER: All the trademarks,logos written or shown above are the property of their respective                              owners, we do not claim any of them.

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