Nokia sues Apple over patent agreements

The mobile phone patent war rages as Nokia (NOKIA.HE) has filed lots of lawsuits against Apple (AAPL.O) for allegedly violating various patent agreements. The suits that pertain to at least 40 different innovations have now been filed globally in 11 countries across Asia, the United States and Europe.

Nokia corp once a major telephone giant said it is suing Apple accusing the iPhone maker of violating various patent agreements. That covers displays, wireless antennas, chipsets, user interfaces, mobile software etc.

Nokia and Apple made license agreements dating back to 2011 allowing Apple to use some of Nokia innovations in their product. This Nokia sues Apple battle is becoming a war and is termed into a "was a mobile phone giant Vs is a mobile phone giant". Calling Nokia a patent troll, Apple Inc. went on to claim that Nokia applied a royalty rate to Apple's own inventions and was using that to extract money from inventions they had nothing to do with.

It is interesting to note that it's not the first time when Apple Inc. is caught in a lawsuit with a tech giant, Apple was also sued by Samsung many a time in past.

Nokia said that they are just taking legal action to defend their rights. But as likely the Stocks of the companies gonna loose on the stock market. Nokia stock was down nearly 5 %. it is going to be a long legal battle.


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