Google goes for hardware.. At 4th october event

                    Google is looking forward to diving into the hardware market with some exciting gadgets like Pixel phones, personal assistant, VR headsets and much more at its October 4th event. Google may also release a new OS called andromeda which may be a mix of chrome OS and Android.

                    It's going to be the biggest event of Google. Overall the 10/4 event looks very interesting. It's also very important for Google and it's comparing it to android launch.


Google is looking to beat apple by launching a completely new series of mobile phones named Pixel. Google's looking to start by launching 2 phones at its 10/4 event. The two phones are rumored to have AMOLED display and 12 mp rear and 8 mp front camera,  snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.4 GHz and a 4 GB RAM with 4g support. Google is also playing with the launcher and may add some cool features to the OS.


Google is working on it from quite a time. It may launch Goole Home an answer to Amazon Echo at thus October 4 event. The device comes with a microphone and a Bluetooth speaker and the device can be used to control your smart home and nest temperature, playing music and much more using the power of Google's voice assistant.

Daydream VR

Another thing from the Google's bag. The VR headset the google is developing may not require a phone or computer to show content. It can function as a standalone device.

                   A lot remains covered up and will be uncovered at the 4th October event. Many things including Google's reputation are at stake at this 10/4 event. Just stay tuned with us, we will keep you up to date about the latest release and news about the October 4 event.


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